I was lucky enough to be part of an exciting and beautifully bonkers event hosted by Craftmasters gallery, ‘Silverstock’- a weekend of peace and making in the open air in the Wiltshire countryside. It was an homage to a groundbreaking event/exhibition ‘A Field of Silver’ from 20 years ago, and involved ten silversmiths let loose outside with no tools but what we could forage. The atmosphere was relaxed, collaborative and intensely creative. We annealed the silver (generously provided by The Assay Office London) on a fire, formed pieces with rocks and wood under the trees, and the did patination experiments with all-sorts including beer, brown sauce, cat wee soaked wood pellets and chicken poo (an excellent workshop led by Rebecca de Quin). Thanks a million to Helen Hood and her team at Craftmasters, and all the other artists, I hope we can do it again, it was brilliant! To find out more and see all the work please check out the full story here.