Commission Rauni


I specialise in sculptural silver, made for celebration and commemoration.
Hand forged and fabricated in my Snowdonia workshop.

Commissions are collaborative, please get in touch if you’d like to have a chat about your project.

The commissioning process is highly collaborative, I’d love to work
with you to draw out ideas and significant themes to create something exquisite, something beyond our
imagining at the start of the process.



1. Meeting

We meet (online or in
person) so I can find out more about your
initial ideas/requirements/significant themes/dates etc.
I’m happy to work to a specified budget, or present designs with a range of costings, whichever you prefer. This is the beginning of our collaboration, and it’s an exciting exchange.

Rauni Higson Workshop | Image Stephen Heaton

2. Design phase

It may appear simple but
this is the most demanding part of the process, where vague notions are developed by sketching, model-making and experimenting, into a fully fleshed out concept, ready to be realised in precious metal. This stage is complex and in depth, and so there is design fee (subtracted
from the total cost of the commission when it goes ahead).

Rauni Higson Workshop | Image Stephen Heaton


3. Design proposal:

Designs are presented
(online or in-person) via drawings, painted
renderings, technical drawings, models, and
possibly video. This is a chance for further
input from you. Details, including inscriptions,
are finalised, and any further changes are
agreed before signing off the final design.

4. The Schedule of work is agreed

The schedule of work is agreed (design,
schedule, materials, stage payments, all
details) and the making can begin.

5. The Making

I will make your piece according to our agreed design and schedule, and keep you updated with
progress reports.

6. Delivery

I’ll deliver your piece on time, as agreed, often in-person. The handover is one of the most joyful aspects of commissioning.


Rauni Higson working on the design for the Prince Philip Challenge Trophy for Henley Royal Regatta
Rauni Higson Portrait
Harts Tongue Fern | Rauni Higson
Snowdonia | Rauni Higson