One-to-one Problem solving / LEARN NEW SKILLS

in the workshop


Come to my workshop for a day of creative problem solving, learning new skills. Leave having made progress, and with a clear plan of action!

How would you like to finish some of those pieces clogging up your workbench? Maybe you hit a problem, maybe you don’t have the right tools, maybe you just lost your motivation. Given a day to focus and troubleshooting, stalled projects will be kickstarted, blockages will be unblocked, Gordian knots will be untangled…. progress!

Or would you just like to learn or develop a specific skill, or skills? How about Anticlastic/Synclastic Forming? Sinking and Raising? Asymmetric Raising? Fold-forming? Learn from scratch or take it to the next level.


You will get:

One to one focused attention on your own work


Shortcuts to effective results so you can move forward quickly


To make loads of progress in one day


To unstick stuck projects


Focussed input and feedback on your specific issues, bespoke personalised training


To leave with a clear plan for next steps and skills to practice.




Rauni Higson Workshop | Image Stephen Heaton


Before you come, we can discuss what you’d like to focus on, what you’d like help with, what you’d like to learn. You can bring any pieces with you, whatever stage they are at, and we’ll work out what has happened and what to do next.

The day will begin at 9.30 with a tea and biscuits meeting, we’ll create a plan and identify priorities, then get on with sorting things out and learning new skills.

We’ll stop for a simple lunch of homemade soup, then continue with an increased sense of urgency, as is the way when the deadline approaches!

At the end of the day we’ll review everything and make a plan of action for you to continue making progress after you leave (5.30pm).

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I have a wide range of skills, my particular strengths are Anticlastic Raising, Hammer forming, Hammer Chasing, Large scale soldering and fabricating, problem solving assembly and construction, Fold-forming.

But talk to me, if I don’t have the right skills, I will probably be able to point you in the right direction to find the right help, if it’s not working with me.


Snowdonia | Rauni Higson
Harts Tongue Fern | Rauni Higson
Rauni Higson Portrait

If you can’t make it to my workshop in North Wales for bespoke training, we can also work together online. Find out more here




… I am a jeweller who wants to experiment with making slightly bigger objects?

Yes, if you want to learn new techniques, to scale up to sculptural wearable pieces or objects (e.g. bowls, spoons, boxes, vessels), I can help you stretch and develop your skills

… I am largely self-taught?

Yes, wherever you’re at in your adventures in silversmithing, as long as you have a basic workshop set-up, I can help you learn new skills

… I don’t have lots of tools?

Yes, you do need a torch (to anneal) and a vice (to hold tools steady) but you don’t need lots of tools. I can help you make tools simply and cheaply, and/or guide you in buying wisely and prioritising what you really need

… I am a practicing professional maker?

Yes, I can help you add you to repertoire of skills, and also find ways of working more efficiently and effectively

… I am a serious ‘hobbyist’?

Yes, if you have a passion for metalsmithing and you want to learn more, you are qualified!