Glacier Dish

Sculptural dish form inspired by the Snowdonian landscape

Glacier Dish by Rauni Higson
Glacier Dish by Rauni Higson

The idea for these pieces came from some experimental ‘chasing’ with hammers, learnt at Michael Lloyd’s workshop some years ago.

The pieces are all based on creating three-dimensional brushstrokes, accentuating shallow dish forms. An exercise in restraint and distillation of line – a deliberate attempt to avoid overcomplicating and pare away unnecessary flourishes and be more sensitive. It’s possible to express a range of brushstrokes in silver, as sensitively as with a brush and ink, although it takes a lot longer… I aim to capture a lightness of touch that belies the severity of hard metal. The way the silver reacts with light is what brings the form to life.

My work tends to develop and change a lot during the making process. I respond to what happens when sketching in 3D, with hammers instead of a pencil. This often involves copper models, test pieces and prototypes, before settling on a design. Contemplation time, standing back and living with the object for a while is a crucial part of the process.

Rauni Higson

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