V&A Acquires ‘Chockstones (I)’ for Permanent Collection

Feb 20, 2024 | Artworks, Exhibitions & Events, New Work

I’m thrilled to announce the V&A Museum has acquired Chockstones (I) for their permanent collection.

‘Chockstones’, the beginning of a new body of work coming from my love of rocks (Lithophilia) and rock climbing. This piece is based on close observation of cracks and rocky crags, on a micro and macro scale. Chockstones stuck in cracks are the origin of modern climbing protection, as early adventurers threaded rope around stones stuck in cracks, and then began carrying a pocketful of useful pebbles to place.

This piece was first shown at Ruthin Craft Centre in the ‘MASTERY; Women in silver’ exhibition in 2021, curated by Dr. Elizabeth Goring.