A genuinely unique and meaningful gift…

Nov 1, 2021 | New Work

Drinking from this precious beaker you are connected to the simplicity of life in the Bronze Age. The design of the tumbler cup may be contemporary, but there is nothing modern about how it is made, each one is individually and uniquely hammered into shape with many thousands of hammer blows, and the effect is a timelessness that will make it a family treasure. A lot of power and energy go into making it appear to have happened effortlessly.  It is a treasure to last many lifetimes, it will become an heirloom, so you can pass the celebration forward down the generations. Your gift is not about a single day, it’s a distillation of all the years, all the memories made, poured into this vessel, and with every sip, your loved ones will be celebrating again.

Your gift can be made truly personal and more meaningful with a hand engraved inscription, initials, name, date, or symbol, composed to fit beautifully into the design for you.

I am making a limited number (currently seven) of these, which are available for pre-order now, ready to deliver in time for your seasonal celebrations. Click here too find out more, or to reserve yours now please email me